Touching Stories of Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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Touching Stories of Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought a terrible deluge of misfortune and unfavorable effects that hindered numerous activities worldwide. It generally affected anyone regardless of their age, gender, status, and capabilities. The pandemic outbreak had caused multiple discouraging effects that lead us merciless and penniless throughout the year. 

Through the year-old pandemic, some of us looked through the silver lining of the unfortunate event. Some individuals had mustered up the courage that they have left and continued to work despite the severe effects of the pandemic outbreak. Without any human contact, even from relatives, some of us pursued to show love and compassion towards the dark, disfigured effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It can be a sigh of relief to hear some of the small but positive ventures that had happened during the pandemic outbreak. And these pragmatic stories may evoke definitive effects to bring about a sense of hope among individuals who may think that the pandemic is a sign of the impending apocalypse. 

From numerous acts of civic duties and the stories enacted among profound health workers, the following stories might anticipate a drop of goodness despite the unfortunate event happening right now.

The Uprising of Lebanon

Like any other country, Lebanon is still suffering from the adverse effects of being confined at home. Staying at home may have attributed to them not being exposed to the virus. Still, it also made the citizens of Lebanon feel the loneliness and anxiety of staying at home to protect themselves from the pandemic’s impending effects.

Aimee Karam from Lebanon had witnessed the horrible effects that struck down the community of Lebanon. As staying at home protocols are being implemented, poverty and hunger were highly prominent. Karam had stated that Lebanon’s current state was nothing more than an age of survival due to the deadly virus. The tragedies had digressed the sanity and the lively community of Lebanon.

But through it all, Karam was superficially filled with joy and hope as the country of Lebanon, despite isolating themselves from the virus, worked their way towards charity and welfare. Miraculously, they were able to gather a total of one million dollars in just one hour after the announcement of a massive fundraising campaign for those who are greatly affected by the pandemic.

The news filled the country of Lebanon with joy as they gathered up their hope and began to work with foreign campaigns. Karam was quick to point out that the total sum of the donation covered numerous food boxes for at least fifty thousand families, which is around one hundred and seventy-five Lebanese people in one month. 

The devotion and the exhalation of great sigh had come to the conclusion that food is consumed by everyone. It is a compelling right that everyone should feed at least three times a day.

Mental Health Challenges During the New Normal

The terrible effects of the pandemic on individuals’ health and safety were not the only disease that was lingering towards one’s body. The impending mental health challenges would grow as well. From the adverse effects of staying at home towards society’s challenging economic prowess, mental health was a concern to almost everyone worldwide.

In the surrounding areas of British Columbia, Zarina Giannone had witnessed the troubling decline of mental health among the community residing in the country. Many had expressed their doubts, anxiety, and stress as the pandemic had destroyed the multitude of routines, businesses, and other integral welfare of the society.

Nevertheless, Giannone had expressed her resiliency and hope by contributing to the community and volunteering work with British Columbia (B. C.) Psychological Association and the University of British Columbia-Okanagan to provide opportunities for the Emergency Telepsychology Services that was implemented due to the adverse effects of the pandemic outbreak. 

Naturally, the services had begun to cover telepsychology services to those who genuinely need emotional and psychoanalytical sessions to recollect themselves from the harsh effects of the pandemic. 

The services were offered among thousands of health workers who continuously worked so hard, offering their duties as frontline workers. Peer support and integral care were the program’s greatest priority, and Giannone did not give up until everyone felt better despite the harsh battles against an invisible enemy.

The Essence of Education Amidst the Pandemic

It is truly a hard time to be a student during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything was muffled and buffered. Everyone would look into their screens and challenge themselves to sit and listen to the lecture from five to eight hours with interval breaks. The greatest challenge of all is to those who cannot even access the internet to learn. Those who cannot open their webcams or microphones to participate.

As a university professor, Liza M. Meléndez-Samó from Puerto Rico had to deal with these fluctuating segments of the internet and technical difficulties. Despite the challenges, she found herself teaching the contemporary models of psychotherapy to her students. To attribute her teachings to her students without overburdening them, she would lay down a simple task of doing a live art therapy live session rather than teaching a class curriculum.

Her reasoning behind this was that the pandemic had taken so much of everyone’s time, energy, and effort to comprehend and understand the realities of this “new normal.” Every time her students would have a live session via internet video calls, they would gallantly learn from expressing themselves through artistic means rather than push themselves to understand the contemporary inclusions of psychotherapy.

Connecting Ties and Family Opportunities

Because of the pandemic, everyone was compelled to stay at home and guard themselves against the unfortunate outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents, both young and old, were confined to their homes with fear and discomfort, knowing that one way or another, somewhere out there will soon perish from the effects of the pandemic.

For Bisma Farooq Sheikh in India, this was a clear opportunity for close-family ties to bond and eventually protect one another from the pandemic outbreak’s physical, emotional, and psychological effects. The home should be a haven for young children and old relatives to come by. A nurturing output should be addressed whether your family is in the other part of the globe. And everybody should feel the safety and the security of being at home with parents and siblings edifying their family values.


The Guided Press Release from Hong Kong 

The COVID-19 pandemic had critically affected many products that are deemed vital for humanity’s health and safety. Apart from food and sustenance, hygiene products were radically depleting as well. And as the course of the pandemic continues, the issue might bring adverse effects among the troubled community during the pandemic.

Fortunately, the organization is known as Wofoo Joseph Lee Consulting and Counselling Psychology Research Centre (WJLCCPRC) at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, had provided a substantial press release to address the issue towards the community of Hong Kong and eventually, the rest of the world. The press release had held different sections from the various settings that might have had an effect due to the impending outbreak. 

The campaign had reached many audiences, racking up at least one hundred and forty-six thousand online viewers from the drive alone. Imagine all the vigilance and the awareness that the Hong Kong community had brought for themselves and had continued towards the community of others. The event had shed light towards resiliency and understanding among individuals towards the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts of the pandemic outbreak.


Having a positive outlook is a vital help among those who are genuinely suffering from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goodness from the stories of hope and resiliency from these individuals may have brought an act of positivity, regardless of the pain and suffering brought by the pandemic.

Though it is rather a grieving act to know that millions of individuals had suffered and eventually passed away because of the pandemic, some of us, even the darkest of days, had continued to pursue and act positively to serve and protect our community.

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