Top 11 Best Happy Stories


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Top 11 Best Happy Stories


Every now and then, we encounter a good moment or experience that makes us extremely happy. It is certainly a good feeling to just enjoy and live your life to the fullest. Happiness is subjective and only you know how you can be happy.

However, there are some things that can make a lot of people, whether it be a movie, a song a person, or something else. Here are the top 10 best happy stories that can certainly bring a smile to your face.

Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade’s Double Proposal

Let’s face it, being proposed to is one of the best feelings in the world. The thought that someone wants to stay by your side for the rest of their lives actually hit the right spots in our hearts. It makes us feel really loved, understood, and cared for to see someone willing to spend their lifetime with you.

Over the years, a new trend has come up that is normalizing the idea of a woman proposing to a man as opposed to the traditional way where a man proposes to a woman. However, isn’t it cute to imagine that you and your boyfriend would want to propose to each other and it happened at the same time? Well, that is what happened to couple Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade.

The couple both asked each other their hands in marriage during a game of Pictionary with Cade’s family. Her mom knew that they were both wanting to propose to each other so she coordinated and organized the family event. No one else knew, not even Cade and Monaco. They just found the opportunity to be perfect to propose to the other.

By the way, Monaco proposed first by like 45 seconds before Cade also presented the ring she bought for her. This love story and joyful moment certainly brings a smile to our face.

Drake’s Music Video for “God’s Plan”  

If you don’t know it yet, artists and agencies actually spend a lot of money to create a beautiful music video for a song. Some of them may even spend millions on the set, costumes, and editing of their video. As time goes by, more and more artists spend a lot of money on making their music videos and making it look cool as ever.

However, a music video can also be really good without the need of spending a lot of money into it. You just need to come up with the right concept that will trigger the hearts of every person who will watch it. Just take Drake’s “God’s Plan” music video as an example.

Drake had a total budget of $996, 000 for this specific music video alone. However, he did not spend a penny on the music video. What he did was give the money to a lot of other people who needed them more and those who are barely struggling to find food or money.

In the end, his music video was filled with videos of him giving out money, buying a car for a family, buying groceries for a group of people in a store, paying for a scholarship, and just basically helping other people that are struggling with their finances or have just been a bit on the middle to lower spectrum when it comes to financial status. You can watch this touching music video here.

Bill Pendergast’s Rainbow After the Storm 

Tragedies and accidents really do happen at least once in a person’s life. There are no specific indications of when it will happen, but it will totally make a person feel bad and lose hope. But all we need to believe in is that there is always a rainbow after the rain. This is exactly what happened with Canadian citizen Bill Pendergast.

He and his family lost their house to a huge fire. All of their precious things were suddenly taken from them by this huge incident. Despite their tragic loss, Bill did everything he could to find somewhere they can live in and rebuild their house.

One day, as he is on his way to his father’s house, he made a quick stop and bought some lottery tickets. The next day, he couldn’t believe it when he found out that he is a millionaire. He had won the prize of one million dollars.

Nicole Grimes and her Childhood Dog  

Well, it’s certainly a happy note for people just like Nicole Grimes. When she was 10 years old, her grandmother gave her a Pomeranian poodle. She decided to name the dog “Chloe” and was very fond of her. However, when she was 14 years old, her dad got a job that required him to be on the phone all time as a work from home. The problem was that Chloe was too noisy barking so loudly.

At that moment, she understood that they had to give her dog away. 7 years after giving away Chloe, Nicole is already married and with a child. One day, she saw a Facebook post that was asking for a new home for a dog that looked too similar to Chloe. Because of her similarities with Chloe, Nicole decided to adopt the dog and give it a new home. At first sight, she immediately knew that this was the dog she gave away a few years ago.

However, her husband was very skeptical about the idea so they brought Chloe to the vet and her microchip confirmed that the dog was indeed the one Nicole had when she was young. You can’t imagine the joy that Nicole felt after finding out about it. She was finally reunited with the dog she held dear when she was young and is now able to enjoy her company with her daughter.

North Korea and South Korea’s Unity in the Winter Olympics Hockey Game

Give love, not war. It’s a common saying that a lot of people state whenever two countries have had conflicts with each other. If you’re in with the latest news from all over the world, then you probably already know about the conflicts between North and South Korea.

These conflicts have lasted over a long time starting from the Korean War. It also has been part of the latest news as trends from South Korea become more popular than ever. People have been wondering when will this conflict ever end. That is why a lot of people rejoiced when news about the 2018 Winter Olympics was announced.

For the first time ever, North and South Korea paraded in the event’s opening ceremony as one team. They also collaborated with members of the hockey team from both nations. It has been a breakthrough for the North and South Korea relations over the years considering that their relationship has never been this civil before.

This comes out just after the news that North Korea is testing out their nuclear bombs. That’s why a lot of people believed that this is certainly a good step to uniting North and South Korea.

Dog Who Lost All of Her Puppies Adopts a Monkey Son

Losing a lot of those who you love can be pretty devastating. This happens not only to humans but also with animals.

However, it can be a really pretty sight to see two completely different animal species getting along with each other, much less if they become inseparable. That is exactly what happened to the next happy story on our list.

A dog mom lost all of her entire litter of puppies and you can just imagine how devastating that was for a mother to lose all of her children. However, the sadness did not last very long when that dog met a baby capuchin monkey. The baby lost her mom too, at a young age, and no one is there to care for her.

Luckily, the dog mom took her in and nursed the baby monkey until she can live by herself. However, what happened was the monkey never left the dog even when he could live on his own now. The two became inseparable and started a long and strong relationship and love that only a mother could give to her child.

Cora the Corgi

If you’re looking for something that will brighten up your day, then this next story will surely bring a smile to your face. This story is about a corgi dog named “Cora.” They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, they certainly are not wrong about that.

Cora is a dog that has just been saved from a neglectful family that rarely takes care of her. Her new owner, Madison Palm, first saw Cora as a dog who had never seen a vet and was dirty and unhealthy all over. The dog’s previous owners were giving away the dog because she had been eating all the chickens. Under Madison’s care, Cora is training to be a therapy dog. We see that Cora’s been doing really well in these situations.

On one particular day, during a layover at the Seattle airport, Cora went over to a guy sitting on one of the chairs. Her owner was a bit confused and asked the man if Cora was bothering him. The man tearfully answered that it was okay and that he just lost his dog the night before. Palm was obviously surprised and amazed about Cora’s ability to know when she is needed by someone as she watched the man pet Cora and call her cute and all sorts of things.

It warmed her heart and felt very lucky that she was now the owner of this wonderful dog. And this is the wonderful story of Cora the Corgi.

Jade Hameister and the Sandwich 

Achieving your dream should be your top priority, no matter what gender you have. Whether you are a male or a female or even a part of the LGBTQ, there is no question that we are all equal. There are things that men are more likely to do but that doesn’t mean that girls can’t do it too. And that is what Jade Hameister has proved and served to her internet trolls.

At 16 years old, she has become a household name in skiing. However, having online haters and trolls criticizing her has become one of the norms. On one of her TEDx talks, she talked about how important it is for little girls to achieve their dreams, no matter what it is. When her video was posted to YouTube, a lot of trolls bashed her with comments that are telling her to just stop talking and make them a sandwich.

Hameister responded by literally making a sandwich, skiing to the South Pole, and offering it to any troll who would dare to go there and ski to get the sandwich. This sassy move immediately shut down most of the trolls that were coming at her. 

A 15-year-old Boy Strives to Help People Who Were Affected By Hurricane Maria 

Sometimes, there are people that are such a gem with how they just want to help a lot of other people. This includes a 15-year-old boy named Gomez.

It has only been four months since the devastating Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico. Millions of people that leave here are still left without electricity or water. It’s a very hopeless sight to see for many people. That is what Gomez felt but he wouldn’t just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. He knew he had to do something to be able to help the lives of these people. He then started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise $100, 000 that can help give solar lamps to the people who don’t have electricity or power.

By February of 2018, he had already raised $130, 000, and had about $3, 000 worth of solar lamps and 300 hand-powered washing machines to help people clean their clothes and sheets. Even though the initial goal was only $100, 000, Gomez is not stopping until there are no more people in need of solar lamps.

Avery Huddleston’s 7th Birthday Wish 

Birthdays are one of the annual celebrations that a lot of people look forward to, especially children. It’s that other time of the year where they receive presents and celebrate their life in general. One of the most important birthdays that there definitely has to be the seventh birthday.

A person’s birthday wish is considered as what he or she desires the most for the following year of his or her life. Most of the time, it’s what he or she wants to have for him or herself. However, there are some rare moments where a person celebrating his or her birthday asks for something for other people. That is the case for the 7-year-old Avery Huddleston.

All this little boy from Buffalo, Illinois wanted for his birthday is to give school supplies to students in Puerto Rico. Instead of giving gifts, a lot of people gave school supplies that will be donated. Some workers in the area that’s working on restoring power agreed to be the one that will bring the school supplies to the schools there. However, upon arriving at La Escuela Rafael de Jesus, workers noticed that there was no power in the school.

This problem has occurred for five months ever since Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico on September 5, 2017. The donation helped them locate the problem and was able to fix it and provide power to the school. Because of Avery’s generosity, not only do these children have school supplies that they can use, they now also have power to not keep them in the dark anymore.

Nadia Sparkes and Team Trash Girl

A lot of people wouldn’t exactly support you in everything you do. Some may mock you, a few may disregard you completely, while others may judge you. However, you shouldn’t let it affect you and your goal. This is what 12 year old Nadia Sparkes did.

The little girl has a hobby of picking up litter that she sees on her way to and from to school. However, rather than supporting her cause and doing the same thing, her peers saw this as an opportunity to mock and make fun of her. Nadia was often called “Trash Girl” by the people around her with the same age. It’s a very good thing that she didn’t take all of these comments to heart and continued picking up trash. Her actions have caused her to gain media attention and a lot of people supported her habits.

A Facebook group called “Team Trash Girl” is made for over 3, 000 of her supporters. It’s remarkable how a single person’s habit can cause a lot of people to do the same and follow her footsteps, let alone that that person is a 12 year old girl. It just proves that you are never too young to make a difference to this world.

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