The Most Touching Stories Of Amazing Kids


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The Most Touching Stories Of Amazing Kids


Over time, kids have really proven to us that they have the kindest and biggest hearts out there. They never cease to amaze a lot of people all over the world with actions that speak louder than a thousand words. We may never know where their big actions come from, but one thing’s for sure. Anything that a kid does out of his own free will to help other people is truly amazing, inspiring and touching. If you want to see some examples of how big a child’s heart can be, here are the most touching stories of amazing kids.


A mother or a father sacrificing her or himself to save his child is pretty much a normal thing to do for most parents. However, have you ever heard of an instance where a child sacrifices his life to make sure that he saves his mother? That is what this selfless little man named Chen Xiaotian did. At the age of 5, he was already diagnosed with a brain tumor. A few months after, her mom was also diagnosed with an illness which is a kidney disease. In a span of two years, the mother and son fought side by side. After some time, Chen’s brain tumor caused him to become blind and paralyzed. And at the same moment, her mom was told that she would never live the same way again because of her illness.

Their doctors knew that Chen wouldn’t last long anymore and that his kidney was a perfect match for his mother. However, her mom refused to have his son’s kidney in hopes that he will be able to recover. The little boy heard her mother refuse to receive his kidney so the moment he knew his mother was near, he begged her to take his kidney so that she will be able to live normally again. 

As time passed, Chen’s tumor just went worse and he became more ill. One time, he asked his mother to just let him go. He was hoping that once he is gone, his mother would finally agree to have his kidney and save her life. Tearfully, his mother finally agreed to have his kidney once he died.  She only agreed to it as she believed that at least there’s a part of her son that would remain with her for the rest of her life. On April 2, 2013, Chen peacefully passed away and his mother was immediately suited up for an operation. The little boy’s kidney was given to his mom to save her life and make her healthy again. Before the operation, the medical team held a moment of silence for the passing of the very sweet child. In the end, Chen was able to save the life of his mother and two other people where his organs were donated to.  


Sometimes, there are people that are such a gem with how they just want to help a lot of other people. This includes a 15 year old boy named Gomez. It has only been four months since the devastating Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico. Millions of people that leave here are still left without electricity or water. It’s a very hopeless sight to see for many people. That is what Gomez felt but he wouldn’t just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. He knew he had to do something to be able to help the lives of these people. He then started a crowdfunding campaign to help raise $100, 000 that can help give solar lamps to the people who don’t have electricity or power. By February of 2018, he had already raised $130, 000 and had about $3, 000 worth of solar lamps and 300 hand powered washing machines to help people clean their clothes and sheets. Even though the initial goal was only $100, 000, Gomez is not stopping until there are no more people in need of solar lamps.


No matter how many times siblings fight, their instinct to protect each other in times of danger will always be there. This is what happened to a 6-year old boy who protected his 4-year old sister, when a dog comes charging at them. 6 year-old Bridger Walker, along with his sister, were at a friend’s house when the unexpected happened. The family has recently rescued a young German Shepherd mix who seemed to be not sociable enough to welcome the two kids when they got to the backyard with their friend. The dog immediately tried to attack them but the brave young man Bridger acted with selfless courage. He said in an interview that stepped in front of his sister so that the dog would not get to her. He doesn’t want his sister to get hurt and bravely stood up even though his own life could be in danger. He said that if someone had to die, it should be him instead of his sister. Thank goodness that no life was lost that day. This act of bravery captured the hearts of many and even catched the attention of Chris Evans, the actor who played the role of Captain America. Truly, not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, it is fueled by love that is willing to sacrifice even their own life just to protect their loved ones from harm.


In Chhattisgarh, India, a 15-year-old boy named Shyam Lal was living in a village called Saja Pahad. The villagers that lived there constantly suffered from droughts, and unfortunately did not get any assistance from the government. There was no road that connects the village to the outside world, which means their only access to water was from the wells that would quickly run dry. The village suffered from this drought that cattle were already dying, people were starting to get sick, and food supply was running short. When people and animals continued to die off, Shyam Lal decided to do something about it. He picked up a shovel and started digging a hole. The other villagers didn’t take his actions seriously and even laughed at him, but he chose not to listen and continued to dig every day for the next 27 years. Today, that hole has grown into a pond that is one acre long and 5 meters (15 ft) deep. Every person in the village has benefited from the pond, and their cattle and crops are thriving. There are times that people will mock you for doing something different and unusual. But if you felt sure that what you’re doing will benefit the future, you can choose to continue it anyway despite what people will say. Thankfully, Shyam Lal chose to continue his goal which has now produced great results.


You may be familiar with superhero duos like Batman and Robin, or even Spongebob’s idols, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. But there’s a heroic duo in real life that you still may not have heard about. In his own home, 11-year-old David Galvez felt curious when his dog Chewy was continuously scratching at the door. He initially assumed that his dog’s odd actions were caused by desire to go for a walk. He then took his dog outside when David noticed a smoke that was coming from a fire. Flames were quickly consuming the home of their neighbor Stacey. Without hesitation, he rushed to tell Stacey that her home was burning, which was not taken seriously at first as the girl assumed that the child was fooling around. It was David’s mother who contacted the police and firefighters came to the scene to put out the fire. If an action was not taken as soon as possible, the fire could have caused more damage to Stacey’s home or possibly take her life. Thanks to the care and bravery of a young neighbor, along with his smart companion, a life was able to be saved from the terrifying dangers caused by a fire.


Birthdays are one of the annual celebrations that a lot of people look forward to, especially children. It’s that other time of the year where they receive presents and celebrate their life in general. One of the most important birthdays that there is definitely has to be the seventh birthday. A person’s birthday wish is considered as what he or she desires the most for the following year of his or her life. Most of the time, it’s what he or she wants to have for him or herself. However, there are some rare moments where a person celebrating his or her birthday asks for something for other people. That is the case for the 7 year old Avery Huddleston. All this little boy from Buffalo, Illisnois wanted for his birthday is to give school supplies to students in Puerto Rico. Instead of giving gifts, a lot of people gave school supplies that will be donated. Some workers in the area that’s working on restoring power agreed to be the one that will bring the school supplies to the schools there. However, upon arriving at La Escuela Rafael de Jesus, workers noticed that there was no power in the school. This problem has occurred for five months ever since Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico on September 5, 2017. The donation helped them locate the problem and was able to fix it and provide power to the school. Because of Avery’s generosity, not only do these children have school supplies that they can use, they now also have power to not keep them in the dark anymore.


There’s nothing more beautiful than a child selflessly giving others all that they have in order to help. And nothing can ever compare to a true friend’s love just like the story of Quinn Callander. He has a best friend named Brayden Grozdanich who has cerebral palsy. All Quinn ever wanted to do was to help Brayden recover and that includes moving with less pain. To be able to help raise money for Brayden’s treatments, they opened up a lemonade stand outside their local grocery store. A lot of people were touched by this beautiful story when Quinn’s mom posted on a donation website about his son’s campaign efforts to raise money for his best friend’s treatment.  His mom did this in hopes that it will help them raise more money for the cause. However, the family never expected that donations will pour in and that the donation drive will raise more than $61, 000. This amount is more than enough to support one of Brayden’s much needed surgeries that will be done later that year. And to think that this all started with a lemonade stand of the two best friends. It just goes to show that true friends will always be there for you, especially during times of need.


Who knows how much a 5-year-old boy can do, especially when his family is in danger? Everyone was asleep in the Georgia home when an electrical fire broke out in the children’s room. A 5 year old boy named Noah Woods awoke to see flames next to his bed. Instead of panicking, this young boy knew his mission and it was to save his family. His first thought was to save his 2 year old sister who shared a room with him, along with their beloved pet dog. He picked them both up and climbed out the bedroom window. After making sure that both of them are safe, he ran to his uncle John, who lives next door about the fire. Together, they managed to wake the rest of the family and bring the seven remaining out safely. This proves how children can do great things despite being pint-sized. The family was thankful for Noah’s braveness and this heroic act will be remembered as he grows up.


A lot of people wouldn’t exactly support you in everything you do. Some may mock you, a few may disregard you completely, while others may judge you. However, you shouldn’t let it affect you and your goal. This is what 12 year old Nadia Sparkes did. The little girl has a hobby of picking up litter that she sees on her way to and from to school. However, rather than supporting her cause and doing the same thing, her peers saw this as an opportunity to mock and make fun of her. Nadia was often called “Trash Girl” by the people around her with the same age. It’s a very good thing that she didn’t take all of these comments to heart and continued picking up trash. Her actions have caused her to gain media attention and a lot of people supported her habits. A Facebook group called “Team Trash Girl” is made for over 3, 000 of her supporters. It’s remarkable how a single person’s habit can cause a lot of people to do the same and follow her footsteps, let alone that that person is a 12 year old girl. It just proves that you are never too young to make a difference to this world.


Children have proved over time that they are certainly the ones that have the purest and biggest hearts out there. This is once again proven by the next story on our list. In January, of the year 2006, a fire destroyed a family home in Connecticut. It burned all of their things including all of the Christmas presents of a little boy. One of the little boy’s classmates from school was actually celebrating his birthday that week. When he found out about what happened to one of his friends, he immediately talked to his parents. He asked them if it is possible that all of his birthday presents be given to his classmate who lost everything. His parents were surprised and very happy of how selfless their son is and immediately agreed to what he wants. All of the kid’s birthday presents were collected and given to his classmate. This act of kindness warmed the hearts of a lot of people and everyone was amazed by how big this child’s heart is. It just comes to show that small acts of kindness can definitely mean a lot for the people who’ve been on the receiving end of this kind act.


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