The Most Inspiring NBA Stories


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The Most Inspiring NBA Stories


Basketball is one of the most known sports around the world. It is a game where two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing or dunking a ball to the rim. 

Today, the NBA or the National Basketball Association is an American’s professional basketball league that is played by 30 teams, with their remarkable superstars. It is a competition to win the championship crown of the best team in the world. But, for the other players, it is their dream to join the NBA, to become one of the most noticeable and remarkable players on the planet.

Every NBA player has their motivation and dedication to become a huge NBA star. They focus their lives on training and hard work just to achieve their goals of becoming the best NBA player. Before becoming a great NBA star nowadays, most players have heartbreaking yet exciting life stories that will inspire people to never give up on their dreams.

Here are a few inspirational stories of NBA players that will inspire and motivate you.

1. The Inspiring Story of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant turned out to be one of the best players in the league because of his hard work and dedication. Kobe was drafted as the 13th overall pick in the NBA. His work ethic makes him a very great player and pushed himself even harder as an NBA player.

Kobe Bryant played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He played 20 years, and he became the first guard in NBA history to play at least 20 seasons. All of these would not have happened as Kobe nearly quit basketball when he was 12 years old after a summer basketball camp left him feeling like a disgrace. In the summer camp, Kobe did not score a single point. So, he spent the whole summer with frustration and questioning himself if basketball is really for him.

He came to the point of questioning himself. “Why dream of becoming a basketball player when you clearly have no talent for it?”

But, Kobe read stories about one of his heroes, Michael Jordan. He learned that MJ got cut from the high school basketball team, but MJ didn’t quit.

That very story became his inspiration, and a fire ignited inside him and a realization came to light, to never give up on his dreams. So, he worked hard. Harder than anyone else for the rest of his basketball career. He challenged players that can help him improve his skills and practiced all by himself, even without a ball. He is dedicated to making 400 shots every practice and pushes himself with 4 hours of intense workouts. 

He entered the NBA directly from high school, and Kobe Bryant won five NBA championships with the Lakers. He is an 18-time All-Star player, a 15-time member of the ALL-NBA Team, and a 12-time member of the All-defensive team. Kobe Bryant was an NBA leading scorer for two seasons, and ranks third on the league’s all-time regular-season scoring. He was fourth on the all-time postseason scoring list. Kobe won the most valuable player in the year 2008 and a two-time Finals MVP.

The story of Kobe Bryant inspired a lot of basketball players to strive more on achieving their goals. Kobe Bryant’s life story is clear evidence of his extraordinary success because of his work ethic and dedication.

2. King James Inspirational Story

Everyone knows of one the greatest NBA players in history who loves to break records. He is the one and only King James. Lebron James grew up and became one of the best players on the planet to play in the basketball league. He has won multiple championships in Miami, Cleveland, and on his latest team, Los Angeles Lakers.

During his childhood, Lebron James struggles because of poverty. He was penniless, growing up in Akron, Ohio, where James and his mother moved from apartment to apartment. Lebron James had a more depressing childhood than you think. His mother, Gloria Glo James, gave birth to him when she was 16 years old and his father, Anthony McClelland, has an extensive criminal record. Gloria James did everything to fend for her young boy Lebron James on her own.

After learning about Lebron’s family situation, his football coach Frank Walker offered Lebron and his mother a home wherein the kindness and goodness of one person has managed to change their entire life. And because of this, Lebron James had a shot at a normal childhood. 

Lebron James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, and in his first game, he scored 25 points. The season ended, and Lebron James has an average score of 20.9 points, 5.9 assists, and 5.5 rebounds per game. In the 2003-04 NBA season, James was awarded as the Rookie of the Year. He was the first member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the youngest NBA player to ever receive one. 

The next year, Lebron James became the youngest player to post a triple-double. With his excellent performance, he helped the Cavaliers make it into the playoffs for the first time since 1998. He managed to bring the team to the finals but, ultimately, they didn’t win the title. 

In 2010, Lebron James decided to join Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat team. His team won 2 NBA championships and he was awarded the most valuable player in both NBA finals. Later on, he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and won a championship ring with Kyrie Irving.

Now, Lebron James is on the Los Angeles Lakers. He missed the playoffs in the 2018-2019 NBA regular season, but won his 4th Championship award in the latest NBA season. Lebron James is a 4-time NBA Champion (2012, 2013, 2016, and 2020), a 4-time NBA Finals MVP (Miami, Cavaliers, and Lakers), a 4-time NBA Most Valuable Player (2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013), a 16-time NBA All-star, 3-time All-star Game MVP, NBA scoring champion (2008), NBA assist leader (2020), 5-time NBA All-defensive First Team, and NBA Rookie of the year (2004).

Lebron James is one of the most magnificent NBA players in the history of basketball. His story is phenomenal and gives inspiration to every person, not just aspiring basketball players. 

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