The Best Stories About A Parent’s Love


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The Best Stories About A Parent’s Love


There is nothing greater than a parent’s love for his or her child. It’s the greatest form of love that we feel almost every single day of our lives. They are there to nurture us, take care of us, watch us grow, teach us, discipline us, and a lot more other things that they do for our sake. We all should know that all our parents ever wanted is what’s the best for us. They would never do anything or decide on anything that may potentially bring harm to us. When we are hurt, they are also hurt. They strive to keep us happy and secure all the time. Make sure to give love to your parents at all times. To make you understand better how much our parents love us, here are the best, most heartwarming stories about a parent’s love.


Taking care of a child known to have down syndrome is not easy compared to having a child that can completely understand you. This could be one of the reasons why 20 families have turned down adoption after knowing that baby Alba has Down Syndrome. Yet, she finally found a family with Luca Trapanese who knew right away, the moment that he saw her, that he wanted to adopt her and call his daughter. 

Luca shared how joy filled his heart when he held Alba in his arms. He lives in Italy, where adoption laws often exclude single parents in terms of adoption, unless the child has some sort of developmental disability. He knew deep in his heart that he desperately wanted to be a dad and is willing to raise a child that has special needs. This desire of his even led to him spending years working with disabled children. He explained that he has volunteered and worked with the disabled since he was 14 which made him feel that he has the right knowledge and experience to do it.

Luca and Alba have been together for over a year and a half now, and Luca already published a book that talks about their father and daughter story. He is hoping that it can somehow change the perceptions and stereotypes linked with single parenting. He showed so much love and care as she brought him happiness and a sense of fulfillment in return. Luca is proud to be her dad and will continue to be as they both face the upcoming years together. He shared how excited he is in spending his life with the girl he loves and that they will do a lot of wonderful things together.

Every child is important, no matter what their imperfections they have. Despite their differences, each one of them deserves the love and care of a parent who will love them unconditionally and will continue to guide and support them as they grow. A true parent will not abandon their child no matter how hard life could get. Children’s innocence should not be painted early with the cruel things the world has, yet they deserve to be protected and taught well so that when they grow up to be adults, they will be great parents as well.


Dads have been portrayed as heroes for many years and a lot of incidents proved this including the story of Andrew Grande. He was a father to a 5-year old named AJ and 4-year old Brandalyn who were with their babysitter, on the dock by the canal behind the house when something unusual happened. As Andrew is preparing for work and is on his way to kiss his kids goodbye, he notices an alligator’s head is coming out of the water and is headed towards his daughter. Adrenaline may have caused him to act fast as he immediately made his way to the creature’s path, pushed the babysitter and his son through the gate and back into the yard, just in time. Thankfully, the nearly 12-foot alligator didn’t have a chance to attack anyone that day. It first retreated but continued to pop back up several times which alarmed Andrew and his family and led to the animal being captured and relocated to an alligator rescue in Texas. Another dad saved the day!


Every child will be precious to a mother’s eyes, despite the imperfections they might possibly have. During the 19-week mark of pregnancy, soon to be mother of two, Vanessa McLeod discovered that her newest daughter would be born with abnormality. Doctors told her that their baby would be missing both arms and hands and was also warned of the possibility of having a cleft lip, curved femur, and also heart issues. They offered their best suggestion to the McLeod family, which is to abort the baby, but Vanessa was determined that her baby would remain alive.

It had never crossed Vanessa’s mind that one of her babies would suffer such a condition. She wasn’t prepared that it shattered her vision of her perfect little baby. With all the emotional devastation the news has brought to the family, Vanessa’s father told her that the baby would be a blessing to the family, and she did. Ivy was born four weeks premature but she managed to live. Vanessa’s story showed hope despite having fear, and it turns out her decision to keep her was right.


Being first time parents can be a really happy and exciting time for most people. The feeling that in a few months, you’ll be able to hold a new little baby in your arms and call him your own. That’s exactly what married couple Kate and David Ogg felt. More surprises were heading their way when they found out that they were having twins. It is very exciting to have a baby, let alone having two at the same time. However, their lives were filled with worry when Kate had gone into labor in just 26 weeks. 

Although it is pretty normal that twins are rarely conceived up to full term, 26 weeks is also a bit early for some. There was a lot of stress and worry at that day but what they didn’t know is that they’ll receive news that will shatter their hearts. After giving birth, they were told that they had a boy and a girl. However, Kate was already confused when they only asked if they have already come up with a name for the baby boy. The couple decided on the name Jamie and were really happy about it but the next news immediately crashed their happiness. 

They were told that Jamie didn’t survive and handed him over. Without any words, Kate immediately took the baby and held him close to her. She called for her husband to climb up the bed and give the baby as much heat as possible. They embraced him for some time and then suddenly, by some miracle, the baby moved in Kate’s arms. The couple were shocked and looked at the baby who’s moving and breathing. They immediately called for the doctors to come quick. On this day, the twins are already 10 years old and are both at the most perfect health as they can be.


A mother’s love is endless and unconditional, especially when it comes to her child. She is willing to do anything, even if it means that she will be losing her own life. On July 8th of the year 2020, well known actress Naya Rivera took her 4-year-old son, Josey, out for a fun day at Lake Piru in California. Rivera is well known for her role as Santana Lopez on the hit TV series Glee. She and her son rented a pontoon boat from the docks but at some point, something went horribly wrong. A few hours after renting the boat, his son Josey was discovered alone on the pontoon boat which alarmed the lake crews that were searching for them. The only eye witness to Rivera’s disappearance was her son, Josey. All he could remember was swimming on the lake with his mom, but only he had a life vest on. He remembered her mom pushing him up to the boat but when he turned around, she was gone. Tragically, Naya’s body turned up after five days, on the same date that her Glee co-star Cory Monteith had died seven years ago, and autopsy results confirmed that the cause of death was drowning. Authorities suspect that the tragedy happened after Naya and Josey jumped into the lake for a swim and Naya didn’t put her life vest on. 

Naya may have lost her life but her death wasn’t put in vain as she fought with all her strength in hopes of saving her son. She has mustered enough energy to get her son back to the boat, but not enough to save herself. It breaked a lot of hearts as many longed that Naya could have also made it to safety too. But, as a loving mother, comfort may be found in knowing that she was able to save her son. Josey may not realize the sacrifice of his mom, but as he gets older, he can look back at the unconditional love his mom had for him.


In a remote village in India’s state of Orissa, school children must walk through 10 kilometers or almost 6 miles of thick brush, climb up and down through hills and boulders in each direction for three hours. This is what makes it understandable why many of these kids chose to give up on their education. But as a father, Jalandhar Nayak was really determined that his sons would receive an education and he is willing to do anything for them. His boys moved closer to the school, and Nayak began to work. Bringing only a pickaxe and a crowbar, Nayak began to clear a road to the village during 2016. He pushed boulders and dug the earth in order to make a flat surface. He worked from morning to sundown, tirelessly doing his mission for eight hours a day every day, for two years straight. A local news outlet heard about Nayak’s story. The government saw how the village badly needed a road, so they paid him for his time and took over the construction where he left off. Once he got the media’s attention, he requested that the village get access to running water and electricity, too. After generations of this village having been so far removed from civilization, one man’s actions helped the entire village. Sometimes, it takes someone to take the initiative to take action on a problem. And that deed could be the start of something great. Instead of just sitting around, worrying and complaining about the hardships of life, he saw that he could do something and he did.


Parents will do everything in their power to keep their children from harm. Even if it does mean that he or she will be battling a huge bear. It may sound bizarre, but it’s a true experience of a dad named Dave Chernosky. He was awakened by loud crashing noises from their kitchen. He remembered hoping that it wasn’t a bear but going to the kitchen, he saw his worst fear realized. All he knew was that he needed to get rid of this bear as his twins were sleeping peacefully in the other room. He was totally overpowered by the bear which had hit him on the side of his head but thankfully, one was enough for the bear. All Dave did was to shout to the bear and it fled. He immediately called for help and was immediately treated for the wounds that he had acquired during the brawl. Authorities have also caught the bear after following its tracks. This situation reminded those who lived in areas in bear county to be vigilant and make sure to have items and follow instructions on bear safety.


Losing a lot of those who you love can be pretty devastating. This happens not only to humans, but also with animals. However, it can be a really pretty sight to see two completely different animal species getting along with each other, much less if they become inseparable. That is exactly what happened to the next happy story in our list. A dog mom lost all of her entire litter of puppies and you can just imagine how devastating that was for a mother to lose all of her children. However, the sadness did not last very long when that dog met a baby capuchin monkey. The baby lost her mom too, at a young age, and no one is there to care for her. Luckily, the dog mom took her in and nursed the baby monkey until she can live by herself. However, what happened was the monkey never left the dog even when he could live on his own now. The two became inseparable and started a long and strong relationship and love that only a mother could give to her child.


Mohamed Bzeek and his wife Dawn immigrated to California from Libya with his wife. They are like the other couples who had big dreams and never expected that their only son would be born with brittle bone disease and dwarfism. Dawn fostered a few children in their home, but she tragically died, leaving Mohamed to take care for their disabled son by himself. Mohamed knew that there were other parents who had children with disabilities and how they were given up for adoption. During that time, there is an estimated number of 600 orphaned children with terminal illnesses found in Los Angeles County. Most of them die alone in a hospital despite the fact that their biological parents are still alive. Mohamed Bzeek has decided to do something which he then ends up fostering as many children with terminal illnesses as he can. He wanted to make sure that these kids receive the love and care of a real home before they die. During his sixties, he found out that he had cancer and needed to go to the hospital for surgery. Without a wife or any family able to be there, he recovered in the hospital alone while an in-home nurse cared for the children. After his story was on the news, a GoFundMe page was created to help Mohamed and these kids. When this article was written, he had received over $500,000 in donations which is still possibly used to help those in need. Most of our stories included how one man was able to make an impact by stepping out among the crowds. In the eyes of a father, Mohamed saw the sad scenario that these kinds of kids suffer. Despite their illnesses, he knew that they still deserve love. In this world that seeks perfection in every aspect, he proved that love is still found even with the imperfections of these young. They lived and that’s one great blessing he had received in his life. 


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