The Best Real Life Stories of Compassion


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The Best Real Life Stories of Compassion


Compassion is any act of kindness that we do to benefit not only ourselves, but also other people. In a person’s life, compassion goes a long way. A simple act of kindness can instantly cause a big impact for both the receiver of the act and the one who did it.

This just goes to show that it is never too late or there is never a right time to be kind. You can be as compassionate as you can for whenever you want. To brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face, here are the top 13 best stories that show how compassionate a human can be.


Have you ever experienced getting locked out of your own car? It is a normal occurrence that you may surely experience at least once in your life. Coming up with ways to solve this problem can be a bit stressful and tiresome. Especially if you figured out that your cell phone is locked in your car along with your car keys. This is exactly what happened to Clarence W. Stephens, a man from Nicholasville in Kentucky.

One time, while he was going back to his car from a store, he realized that he had left his keys and phone inside the car. It’s definitely a stressful experience for him as he lives far from the store that he went to which is approximately three and a half miles away. Just then, a teenager riding a bike approached him after seeing him kick the tire on his car. The teen asked him what’s wrong and he began telling him the situation. He also added that even though he could contact his wife, she wouldn’t be able to bring her keys since this is their only car.

The teenager then handed Clarence his phone and told him to contact his wife and say that the boy will be getting the keys. He then told the teen that it will be a seven miles round trip. The boy said it was fine so Clarence contacted his wife. An hour later, the teenager returned with his car keys. Clarence offered to give the boy money but he said that he needed an exercise. This just proves that there are still some people out there who would nonetheless help a stranger in need.


There have been a lot of beautiful stories about birthday celebrants not wanting gifts on his or her birthday, and this story is no exception. For his 21st birthday, Max told his mother, Andrea, that he doesn’t want to receive any cheque from her. Instead, he wants her to donate them. This request gave Andrea a great idea.

She gave Charlie, Max’s brother, a video camera so that she can document what she’s planning to do. She then took 21 pieces of $10 bills from the bank and bought 21 apples from the store. The two of them then proceeded to walk around town to start her plan. Andrea first spotted a homeless man and gave him an apple and a $10 bill.  She told him that it’s her son’s 21st birthday and it’s his wish to give other people a gift to help him celebrate.

The man proceeded to look at the camera and said “Happy Birthday, Max!” She then proceeded to give out the apples and bills to a group of people lining up for a soup kitchen. She also gave $50 to a pizza parlor and told them to feed the hungry. The last apple and $10 bill was given to Max’s sister, who’s working in the office at that time. This story goes to show that generosity and compassion works side by side to bring out the best in people.


Love stories contain the most amount of compassion. When there is love, there is also compassion. This is absolutely the case for Jim Koch, a man from Iowa, and his wife, Lora. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 54. A week after her bilateral mastectomy, Jim had the idea of proposing again to her wife even though they have already been married for more than 26 years.

He said that this act of love is a show of support, commitment, love, and encouragement for his wife and to tell her that they are together in this battle. Their youngest daughter enjoyed capturing the moments of the sweet gesture made by her father. This story tells us that a married couple do truly love each other, in sickness and in health.


Ever imagined living in a place where everyone understands each other, except you. This is the life of Muaharrem who was a deaf man in Istanbul who uses sign language as his way to communicate with other people. He tried his best every day to communicate with people in his town, but it was still hard. Until something changed his life.

A Samsung ad created a new world for him that he didn’t expect of having. When his sister Ozlem walked him through his neighborhood, he was surprised how everyone he encountered not only understood his language but was able to use it with him as well. Samsung had contacted the locals and taught them how to use sign language as a promotion for its new technology for the hard of hearing.

Little did they know that they ended up giving Muaharrem the best gift he could ever receive.


Giving away donations such as money, food, and clothes are pretty much normal to every single person out there, even if they are for strangers. But have you ever considered giving away one of your body organs to someone you barely know? Well, that wasn’t a problem for the 22 years old Kiersten Miles. She was only a babysitter for a baby named Talia for only three weeks when she made the brave decision of giving a part of her liver to help Talia.

The baby was born with biliary atresia, a condition that causes the bile to be trapped in the liver causing the latter to fail eventually. When she was only two months old, Talia had already been diagnosed with this disease and so caused her parents to worry every single day because the doctors told them that the baby would be needing a transplant. A miracle came for Talia’s parents when their summer babysitter, Miles, told them that she’d be more willing to donate a part of her liver for Talia. Miles’ mother wasn’t even surprised as she said that her daughter really had a very big and giving heart.

After confirming to the baby’s parents, Miles immediately underwent a series of tests and evaluations to make sure that she is a perfect match for Talia. On January 11, of the year 2017, Miles and Talia both entered the surgery room with hopes of helping Talia recover for good. Post-surgery, the doctors had nothing but good news for everyone. The transplant was a success and Talia is now on her way to recovery.

As for Miles, Talia’s parents believed that God had sent her to their lives at the right time and that she was indeed one of the greatest blessings that they have received. This story urged a lot of people to help increase the chances of a person’s recovery and become an organ donor.


A stranger’s kindness can be passed on to a lot of beautiful people with big hearts. That is exactly what happened in this story. Stacy Lee was just walking around town when she saw a beautiful dress in a consignment shop that she was sure that her granddaughter would love. She entered the store and asked the owner if they could hold it for her as her money is not yet enough to buy the dress out.

However, just as she was talking to the owner, another customer approached her and asked if Lee would want her to buy it out. Lee politely declined the offer but the woman was quick to reason out why she gave out a generous offer. The woman said that if it weren’t for the kindness and generosity of strangers, she wouldn’t be able to live as she had actually been homeless for three years.

Right now, she is living well enough and has been able to improve her situation throughout the years. It is now her goal to repay all the kindness of those who helped her by helping others too. The woman then paid for the dress that Lee was looking at and gave it to her. She wouldn’t even take any kind of payment except for a warm hug from Lee.

Remember, doing something good and being kind to others can cause a ripple effect to a lot of people.


Five young foster children, ranging in ages 2 to 11, are looking for a family who is willing to adopt them altogether. It may look hard but in hopes of finding a forever home, they took to ‘The Kansas City Star’ their appeal. The children and the newspaper, however, did not expect the immediate responses that flooded The Star’s email inbox.

In just a few days, the appeal went viral and got over four million views. Due to a lot of responses received by the adoption agency working to place the children, they removed the family’s story from its website so it can focus on finding a home from one of the thousands of respondents. It looked like these kids will soon find their forever home, still living together, and growing to be great people someday.


When you hear of stories with a car trailing and following the main character, it would definitely mean that something bad is going to happen at any minute. However, that is not the case for this story.

During a blizzard, Marilyn Atteberry was driving home when she noticed that a car was following her closely. The next thing she knew, the tires of her car blew. She immediately pulled off the road and so did the car that was trailing her. After reading this, you are sure that something bad is definitely going to happen.

On the contrary,  the man did jump off of his car but immediately went out and fixed the tire that blew off. He then proceeded to tell Atteberry that he was supposed to get off two miles back. However, he noticed that her tire didn’t look good and decided to follow her if ever something bad happened.

Luckily, the guy also knew how to fix a tire and was able to help her get her car running back again. This only proves that we are always looked after and somewhere out there is a person that cares for us at each time.


There’s nothing more beautiful than a child selflessly giving others all that they have in order to help. And nothing can ever compare to a true friend’s love just like the story of Quinn Callander.

He has a best friend named Brayden Grozdanich who has cerebral palsy. All Quinn ever wanted to do was to help Brayden recover and that includes moving with less pain. To be able to help raise money for Brayden’s treatments, they opened up a lemonade stand outside their local grocery store. A lot of people were touched by this beautiful story when Quinn’s mom posted on a donation website about his son’s campaign efforts to raise money for his best friend’s treatment.  His mom did this in hopes that it will help them raise more money for the cause.

However, the family never expected that donations will pour in and that the donation drive will raise more than $61, 000. This amount is more than enough to support one of Brayden’s much-needed surgeries that will be done later that year. And to think that this all started with a lemonade stand of the two best friends. It just goes to show that true friends will always be there for you, especially during times of need.


Have you ever experienced going to a store and your money is not enough that you started to remove a few items from your cart? That is exactly what happened with our next story which is a real life experience of a woman named Leslie Wagner.

One day, she went to a local supermarket to buy some groceries. While the supermarket clerk was tallying up her total, she saw that she was $12 over on what she had on her cart. Right away, she started removing a bit of item here and there when suddenly, another customer stopped her. The man told her to stop putting out things from her bags. He then proceeded to tell her a story. The man’s mother is in the hospital for quite some time now because of cancer. Every day, he would visit her and bring her flowers. This morning, he went and bought her flowers as usual and she became angry. She told him that he shouldn’t be spending money on flowers and just use the money for something more important or worthwhile.

He then told Wagner to accept the money that was supposed to be for her mother’s flowers. This act of kindness can go a very long way considering that the money was instead used to help someone else buy their groceries and everything that they need. This just shows that there can be some people that will be such a blessing to your life in the most unexpected way possible.


Children have proved over time that they are certainly the ones that have the purest and biggest hearts out there. This is once again proven by the next story on our list.

In January, of the year 2006, a fire destroyed a family home in Connecticut. It burned all of their things including all of the Christmas presents of a little boy. One of the little boy’s classmates from school was actually celebrating his birthday that week. When he found out about what happened to one of his friends, he immediately talked to his parents. He asked them if it is possible that all of his birthday presents be given to his classmate who lost everything. His parents were surprised and very happy of how selfless their son is and immediately agreed to what he wants.

All of the kid’s birthday presents were collected and given to his classmate. This act of kindness warmed the hearts of a lot of people and everyone was amazed by how big this child’s heart is. It just comes to show that small acts of kindness can definitely mean a lot for the people who’ve been on the receiving end of this kind act.

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