Stories of Kindness That Will Move Your Heart


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Caregiver – woman helping senior man with shopping

Stories of Kindness That Will Move Your Heart


We see stories online and we think that kindness must no longer exist in the world. We hear stories of cruelty, madness, and deceit and it seems like humanity has lost. But hidden within these are stories of kindness that we all needed to hear.

Here are five stories that will show you that kindness still exists.

The Last Wish

Three weeks after his 30th birthday, Aaron Collins passed away. One of his final wishes was to give a waiter or a waitress a $500 tip. His brother, Seth, decided to fulfill his final wish for him. And at Puccini’s in Lexington, Seth recorded a video of him tipping a waitress $500. 

The video on Youtube was viewed over 3 million times and $30,000 was donated to the cause named, “Aaron’s Last Wish.” 

Winning the Lottery

YouTuber Rahat posted a video where he gave Eric, a homeless man, a “winning lottery ticket.” Rahat walked with Eric to the convenience store to cash it out. What really happened was Rahat gave the cashier a thousand dollars beforehand and came up with the “winning lottery ticket” story for Eric. 

When the money was cashed out, Eric tried to give some to Rahat, but the kind YouTuber declined and Eric gave him a hug. 

Eric said, “I’ve been doing this a long time. And I’ve never had somebody do what you just did back there.”

The video went viral and people all around the world wanted to help Eric so Rahat set up a fund for him. In 17 days, the fund raised $44,000. Rahat used the money to rent Eric a home, paid for his groceries, utilities, and other home needs. He also set up a joint bank account for him. 

Eric happily proclaimed his thanks. “Everybody that helped me out, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you for sticking with me and I thank you for believing in me.”

True Friendship of First Graders

First graders Vincent Butterfield and Zac Gossage are best friends. They loved being with each other and playing together. But Zac, after feeling tired and sick, was diagnosed with leukemia. And even with the difficult treatment, Zac still continued going to school. 

Vincent, despite being a first-grader, learned whatever he can about cancer. He also learned that treatments are expensive and donated $200 to Zac’s family to help with his treatment. 

The act that made everyone shed a tear was Zac’s showing his best friend support by shaving his head. The little child explained that he did it to help Zac “feel like he’s not the only one without any hair.”

Firefighter’s Love for Mentally Disabled Man

When he was 13 years old in the year 1953, Tony Tumminello first visited Fire Station One in Lansing, Michigan. And for 60 years, it has been his second home. 

Tony, who has a mental condition, eats all of his meals and spends all of his free time at the fire station. The firefighters see him as family and treat him like one. They feed him, hang out with him, wash his clothes and helps him shower and shave. 

“It’s really special,” one firefighter told CBS. When Tony was asked if he didn’t have the firefighters in his life, he became distressed and said he didn’t like thinking about it. 

As Lieutenant Doug Burke told People, “We get a lot more out of helping Tony than he gets from us. If we get a call and have to leave our dinner there, Tony gets up, too. He’ll shut the garage door for us and let us in when we get back. He’s the only resident in Lansing who has a key to the fire department in hand.”

The Big Heart of a Homeless Man

Riceman, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to making social experiments and pranks, posted a video where he told people his brother was missing to see their reactions. The action of one homeless man showed him what it’s like to have no home but a big heart. 

The homeless man was standing, holding up a sign reading “U.S. Vet in need, please help.” Riceman approached the man and gave him some change. He then proceeded to tell him that his brother was missing and if he can let him if has seen him. 

The YouTuber walked away, and instead of holding his own sign, the homeless man held up Riceman’s sign of his missing brother. The act touched Riceman to the core. The homeless man stopped asking for help for himself but instead decided to help Riceman instead. 

Riceman returned to tell the homeless man of his experiment and asked him why he did what he did. 

The man told him, “What kind of a person would I be if I didn’t help someone else?” Riceman was moved by his kindness, gave him cash and a warm hug. 

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