Must-Watch Inspirational Videos For The Downhearted


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Must-Watch Inspirational Videos For The Downhearted


When we are feeling down and even reading inspirational stories and quotes just won’t do, let’s not underestimate the power of videos. If you are looking for videos that have the power to convey powerful and impactful messages, we have round up the best 8 must-watch inspirational videos on the Internet. 

Nick Vujicic’s Talk on Getting Back up

Nick was born with no limbs but that doesn’t stop him from doing everything. 

Failure and Never Giving up

Derek Redmond shows that falling doesn’t mean failing. And that failure is for those who have chosen to give up. 

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch rounds up the most valuable life lessons we’ve heard and advises on how to achieve your dreams. 

Free Hugs Campaign

In the era of social networking websites where likes, reactions, and typed comments matter, we forget what a warm human touch can do. We like complicating things but sometimes, all we need is a simple hug. 

Watch Juan Mann gives out free hugs and see what a loving gesture can do. 

A Father’s Love

When we leave our parents’ home, let’s not leave behind everything they’ve done for us. Watch this touching video of what a father’s love can do. 

Dick and Rick go on to complete the Ironman Marathon, despite Rick, the son, had never walk or talk his whole life, and Dick, the father, suffering from a heart condition. 

Christian the Lion’s Reunion 

A viral video that has put most of us into tears. This video is about the reunion of Christian the Lion and his former owners. Another heart-touching story of how important it is to put a wild animal to where it rightfully belongs. 

Neil Gaiman’s Inspirational Speech

Those venturing in the creative world need to hear this inspirational commencement speech by Neil Gaiman. 

What Confidence Can do

One look and Paul Potts doesn’t look like the singer that he is. But Potts believed in himself even when others didn’t. 

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