Must-Watch Inspirational Videos For The Downhearted

When we are feeling down and even reading inspirational stories and quotes just won’t do, let’s not underestimate the power of videos. If you are looking for videos that have the power to convey powerful and impactful messages, we have round up the best 8 must-watch inspirational videos on the Internet.  Nick Vujicic’s Talk on […]

Overcoming the Odds: Inspirational Stories of People with Disabilities

It’s a tough life to live, but people with disabilities have it tougher. But despite that, they are more than capable to do extraordinary things and have inspiring stories to tell. Aside from overcoming obstacles, their stories will also motivate you to work on yourself and not let anything hinder you from achieving your dreams.  […]

5 Famous Failures That Will Inspire You to Achieve your Dreams

Everyone starts small, others make it big in no time, while others struggle for years before seeing progress. But there’s also a portion of successful people that started as failures, with broken dreams and a lot of constraints.  Bu with the right amount of will, eagerness, determination, and hard work, they made it. Let’s look […]