A Young Girl’s Dream: Malala Yousafzai’s Fight for Female Education

Education is a fundamental right but for women in Pakistan, it’s not that easy. It was apparent that there is a gender discrepancy in the educational sector. The 2011 Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Program states that there are twice as many males as females who received secondary education in Pakistan.  This […]

Stories of Kindness That Will Move Your Heart

We see stories online and we think that kindness must no longer exist in the world. We hear stories of cruelty, madness, and deceit and it seems like humanity has lost. But hidden within these are stories of kindness that we all needed to hear. Here are five stories that will show you that kindness […]

7 Inspirational Stories that Proves Humanity is still Alive

The past year has been rough for all of us. The pandemic is still striking hot for some countries, cases are rising every day and lives are taken every minute. But in moments like this, sometimes, all it takes is just one simple act of kindness, one simple initiative to brighten up someone’s day.  1. […]

Inspiring Entrepreneur Success Stories to Motivate You

They say that success is a whole meal cooked with the premium ingredient of an idea stirred with talent and hard work, and lastly sprinkled with opportunity, and luck. Without one, it would not taste just as good because it needs to be a complete combination. That goes the same for entrepreneurship. Even if you […]

10 Inspirational Videos in 2021 to Brighten Your Day

We all have rough days and sometimes, there’s not much to do but just rid it out of the system. We all have different coping mechanisms for bad days and I, well, it could be watching cute cat videos. But recently, I’ve found healing in the form of inspiring TED talks.  If you had a […]

Touching Stories of Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought a terrible deluge of misfortune and unfavorable effects that hindered numerous activities worldwide. It generally affected anyone regardless of their age, gender, status, and capabilities. The pandemic outbreak had caused multiple discouraging effects that lead us merciless and penniless throughout the year.  Through the year-old pandemic, some of us looked […]

8 Stories that will Warm Your Heart

There are times when we simply need heartwarming stories to go on. When the world is too much, nothing beats a story of kindness to ease it. We only need something to brush off all the terrible pandemic vibes.  If you are having a bad day or not, these stories will renew your view of […]

Inspiring Stories of the Year

We have been through a lot this year and it is just honestly physically and mentally exhausting.  Being away from loved ones for months because of lockdown restrictions or just the fear of risking them of contracting the virus through you, working endless hours at home with some even trying to take care of their […]

The Most Touching Stories of Humans and Their Pets

As humans who suffer from complicated and messy bonds, having a pet as a companion can help ease the pain of suffering and broken bonds. We need a sense of loyalty and compassion. We knew we needed someone who will love us unconditionally and will welcome us home no matter how long we’ve been far […]

The Best Uplifting and Inspirational Stories of Humanity

inspiring stories

As humans, we tend to lose hope every now and then. It’s inevitable and something that we should always be prepared for. However, it is totally okay to have a few down moments every once in a while. But it is important that you keep in mind that losing hope doesn’t have to last too […]