The Most Inspirational Men in History

When talking about inspiring people, history books have their own fair share of impressive people to list down. These are individuals who have made a mark on science, religion, politics, and a lot more aspect. And since we’ve already talked about inspirational women, let’s delve into the inspirational men in history and what legacy did […]

The Failures Behind your Favorite Brands: Founders Who Made it Big

We’ve only seen the success of our favorite brands. The millions and billions of annual sales, the popularity, and the number of money people are willing to shell out to purchase its products. But, before the glam, let’s see the failures of these empires. Colonel Harland Sanders Colonel Harland Sanders was born in 1890 in […]

Initiatives for and by the Elderly at the Time of the Pandemic

Aging is greatly regarded as an unchangeable reality that we human beings face in our lifetime. We all age throughout time with yearly birthdays, with the way we look, with the way we think, with the way we perceive things, and most importantly, with the way we look at life.  There is really nothing wrong […]

Human Determination at the Time of the Pandemic

Determination is both a prized value and an exemplary characteristic that every human individual must possess, for in the long run, it will lead to the road of success.  The innate determination of human individuals can move mountains as it serves as a driving force to do and perform better, thrive and to believe that […]

A Famous Singer That Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

To dream of becoming a big shot superstar in the singing industry is no easy feat. The road ahead of you will not be easy and perseverance is the key to achieving your dreams. Even the most successful singers of the generation had to start somewhere. Amidst struggling greatly in life, such as living in […]