8 Stories that will Warm Your Heart


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8 Stories that will Warm Your Heart


There are times when we simply need heartwarming stories to go on. When the world is too much, nothing beats a story of kindness to ease it. We only need something to brush off all the terrible pandemic vibes. 

If you are having a bad day or not, these stories will renew your view of the world. Let your faith in humanity grow once more and make your perspective brighter. 

1. Burning Passion

Most people do not take education as a career anymore. There are fewer teachers now than before. If you will ask why only becoming one is a recipe for disaster. 

With the saddening idea, there is one person who was not squashed with it. His passion was shining largely to impart knowledge to the younger generation. 

His thirty elementary kids were not only taught with burning devotion. He even provided whatever they needed for school. These were learning materials. 

Educating is already a tremendous job because of how people look up to you with unreal expectations. Providing is another story, especially if you are from a low-income school. 

2. Sweden’s Princess Tiara

After a three-day intensive medical training course, Princess Sofia is swapping her tiara to lend a hand at Sophiahemmet Hospital. It is something positive because you do not see monarch’s physically supporting nowadays this pandemic. 

Sweden’s princess will not directly help with the Covid 19 patient, yet she will attend to the other more frontline duties such as cleaning, disinfecting, and other things. 

A Royal Court’s spokesperson said that the Princess wanted to share the burden of the healthcare professional. Thus, she decided to volunteer. 

3. Bathroom Break

When you are handling kindergartens, there are always bathroom accidents. You will never escape it as a teacher. It is never easy due to how kids often get embarrassed quickly. 

Parents are more significant hurdles during these emergency cases. There is a teacher who experienced this matter. All still went well. 

Here goes the story. With thirty kids in the classroom, one expressed his desire to pee. The schoolers were only allowed to go out one by one, so they can be supervised well. 

There was one ahead of him, and he did not say it was urgent. In short, there was an embarrassing incident. He was later on changed, and everything was addressed with everybody. 

His mother rushed to the school the next day. For ten minutes, she bossed the teacher about her child’s bad experience. The shouting only ended when the principal intervened. 

Notably, she seemed not convinced with the explanation, and she stayed in school the entire time. It was quite an adventure because she saw everything, how the teachers endure the day. 

In the end, she came over to say sorry. She even expressed her gratitude with a hug. It was a disaster that turned into a more hopeful day. 

4. A Veteran’s New Home

Last February 2020, a rundown house was renovated by more than 100 volunteers from operation Victory. It was finished after six months and was gifted to Torre Harris, a marine veteran.

The serviceman could not believe his luck after notifying him that he will receive the house. He had been homeless for fifteen years, and it was not easy for him.

As written in the Insider, Harris felt like a celebrity, and he could stop expressing his gratitude to all the people who helped him. It was a massively touching event for him. 

The veteran is the third person who has received a new home from Operation Victory. The organization focuses mainly on helping veterans find new beginnings. 

“We saw there was a need in our community to help veterans and homeless folks,” Tim Morris said in Insider.

5. Bat Mitzvah turned Meal Delivery

Due to the severe incidents today, there are a lot of festivities being canceled. Most people rather stay at home and be safe than interact with others. This one was the reason why Jordana Shmidman’s bat mitzvah party was canceled. 

In Orthodox tradition, a Bat Mitzvah is celebrated when a girl turns twelve. The younger Jewish often opt for their parties to become charitable projects while having fun. 

Shidmans made it more possible after they let Jordana donate her Purim meal to New York Metropolitan staff members and families in pandemic quarantine. 

The family decided on it after two students from SAR Academy tested positive with Covid 19. With it, their Jewish community could not come together and celebrate their child’s coming of age and Purim Holiday. 

Despite the saddening incident, everything went well, as Jordana still had her party via live streaming! She even made many strangers happier amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

6. Wedding Flowers for Nursing Homes

Have you heard about nursing homes getting free flowers? Accordingly, this one is a joint event nowadays after several weddings were canceled due to the heightened lockdowns. 

Kristall Goytia and Jason Oswald were one of the couples who have planned to get married yet they needed to postpone it at the moment. The problem was they had ordered 800 different flowers already. 

To address the flower problem, both decided to donate it to a nursing home and make people happier. Elderlies and healthcare workers received roses and hydrangeas from their idea. 

Kristall and Jason hoped for others to enjoy the flowers since the wedding was canceled. In time, they will indeed have the same feeling when their special day finally comes. 

7. NBA Arena employees received Love

With $100,000, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love tried to express his sympathy to the most affected individuals after their games were postponed. The Arena hourly workers got portions of the money. 

Kevin expressed on Instagram his concern about the support staff of the arena. He said that he understands the anxiety everyone is having due to the burdening suspension problem. With his foundation, he hopes to help ease their feelings.

He continued hoping that through his efforts, more individuals will take an interest in his advocacy. On it, the player received another help. It is from the owner of Dallas Mavericks now. Mark Cuban plans to do something for the employees too. 

Cuban has started to talk with people about how they can make another source of income. This one will be regulated well until the games continue, or it can be a permanent arrangement in the future. 

The pandemic may have wrecked many livelihoods, but it sheds light on people who have the most golden hearts. 

8. A $43 bill heartwarming story

Tips are common in many restaurants nowadays. It is a simple thank you to the people who do their best. Notably, it is more meaningful when these servers receive during their most difficult times. 

Despite the onset of Coronavirus, there are still a lot of people who need to work. These are mostly the ones who earn per hour. They can’t stay home and be safe because things will get more challenging. 

When the waiters in Starving Artist at Ocean Grove received a tip of $1000 for a $43 bill, they got so emotional. Almost everyone cried. They can’t believe their eyes. 

He further said that they were experiencing so much at that time. Their financial status was not good. The tip is a gift for them to continue. It might be something small, but it means a lot. 

While the money was good, there was even a more sad note. The family who left it noted that they appreciate their Ocean Grove community. They are grateful for them providing warmth with food, warm smiles, and great ambiance.

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