2 College Dropouts That Proved Hard Work Is The Key to Success


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2 College Dropouts That Proved Hard Work Is The Key to Success

These two college dropouts have proven that education is not the only road to success.

One of the most essential things in life is education, specifically, graduating from college and getting a degree. That very thought lives rent-free in people’s minds and, if given the chance and opportunity, is something that they long have been dreaming of. 

However, college life is not easy. You are constantly bombarded with workload and high expectations while juggling difficult life circumstances. And the scary thing is, your academic pursuits define you. 

But, regardless of how successful you are academically, it is important to remember that your educational achievements only define a few of your potentially outstanding qualities. Your GPA is not your everything. 

The worst is some people believe that academic relevance is the only way to make a comfortable career which will eventually lead to a successful life. What is often overlooked is the fact that instead of education, it’s actually hard work and dedication that plays a vital role in someone’s success. Education helps, of course, but that’s not all there is to it. 

These two college dropouts will prove to you that you can go the extra mile for your dreams without having a degree.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is, mainly because of his creation of the famous social networking site when he was still in college. When that website took off, he became one of the youngest billionaires in the whole world. 

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in New York. He was born into a family of well-educated individuals, with his dentist father and psychiatrist mother. He is the eldest of four siblings. 

Mark Zuckerberg was born into a family of well-educated individuals, where his father practiced dentistry while her mother was a psychiatrist. Mark Zuckerberg has four siblings, and he is the eldest. Mark has his interest in computers, and at the age of 12, created a messaging program called the “Zucknet.” His family used it for communication purposes inside the house. As a pastime, he also developed computer games. 

In his highschool years at Phillips Exeter Academy, he was known as a brain maniac as he developed a music software named Pandora. Before graduating highschool, several tech companies were headhunting him, in dire hopes that he would work for them. He proceeded to college though and enrolled at Harvard University, where he was known as the invincible software developer during his sophomore year. He invented programs such as CourseMatch and Facesmash. 

With his college friends, Zuckerberg created a site for communication purposes and called it “Facebook.” When the application skyrocketed to popularity, he dropped out of college to focus on improving the company, eventually building an empire in California. In 2004, Facebook amassed 1 million users. 

The social media networking site that Mark Zuckerberg created has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Today, Facebook is one of the main social media sites that has more than a billion users who can post updates and status. Societies use Facebook to connect to their loved ones, friends, families, and other people worldwide.

2. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was considered as one of the most innovative men globally. His leadership has brought success to Apple, where it became the world’s most valuable company as of August 2011. People are in awe and amazed by beautifully designed products. 

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and was raised by his adoptive parents in California. He was interested in engineering, and his passion for life as a youth varied. He dropped out of Reed College and focused on working as a video game designer at Atari. In 1976, Steve Jobs launched Apple. Unfortunately, he died on October 5, 2011.

Steve Jobs was a caring and considerate son to his adoptive parents, and he is a close brother to his biological sister Mona Simpson. He is a loving husband to his wife Laurence and a good father to his children Erin, Reed, Eve, and Lisa. He is known for being a strong competitor, a trusted adviser, and a demanding employer.

Steve Jobs is the best example of a person with innovative thinking skills and tireless dedication that managed to touch the lives of billions of people around the world. In the 1970s, he dropped out of college and with his friend Steve Wozniack and some other people, began building and selling personal computers. These computers are the first successful personal computer that hit the market, and Steve Jobs began the Apple computer company’s foundation. He made his way ahead of his competitors by his computer revolution that actually swept the world and made him a millionaire before he reached 30.

He left the company in 1985, but he returned in 1996 and became the CEO and Face of Apple. Steve Jobs didn’t stop there as he became Pixar’s CEO that produced Toy Story. When Walt Disney purchased the Pixar Company, Steve Jobs became the largest shareholder of Disney stock.

In 2003, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Even in his condition, nothing can stop Steve Jobs as he continued his tireless work with Apple, pushing for more and more innovation. He took six months’ leave from the company to deal with his health issues but returned to the company he loved. Steve Jobs did everything he poured his sweat into for most of his adult life, where he stands as CEO of Apple just weeks before his death.

Steve Jobs is one of the most admirable people in the world because of his sacrifices and dedication to making his dreams come true. Steve Jobs’s life shows the people worldwide how to fight for their lives and never give up on their dreams.


It is not how well you start in life but it’s about your determination and hard work. Education is important, yes, but it doesn’t always mean that getting a degree is the only road to success. It is not about what life throws at you, but how you make out of it. Your determination and hard work is your key to success in life.

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